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700 Dundas St E. 

Mississauga. ON 


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About us


HUF, (Heron Ultimate Fitness)

was established in July 1996.  On the south east corner of Hurontario and Queensway in Mississauga Ontario Canada; sat a dome shaped building.  What was once a broken down abandoned swimming pool for the apartments was now a multi-level Boxing, Kick Boxing and Fitness club. HUF was not always a family run business, and boxing was not in mainstream fitness clubs nor accepted as the best way to increase your physical conditioning.


 It was viewed by many on PPV and Mike Tyson was the reigning Heavy weight champion.  With a full scale state of the art workout floor, the bottom two levels focused on combat.  Andrew slowly encouraged members to come and try a boxing workout...It was during these years Teresa then a Mormile, walked into the club.  Over weight at 177lbs and about 5' tall she began the program...Losing over 50lbs she gained the courage to compete in her fitness competition; now a national level and OPA athlete.  Her sister, Olga, a semi-professional dancer, was diagnosed with tendinitis in her knees.  Teresa recommended she come to the club to do rehabilitation with Andrew.  After being recommended to go under the knife and have surgery; she was able to strengthen the knee joint through the training programme Andrew designed.  After three months of rehabilitation in the gym; she began running and participating in the boxing and Kick-Boxing classes and her dance career came to an end.  Studying under the tutelage of Mr. Heron, she is now a level 3 certified Boxing Ontario and NCCP coach as well as a level 3 certified official.


During this time frame Andrew was coaching, Paul Biafore, a world welterweight kick boxing champion.  It was at a celebration party,where the introduction of Teresa and Jeremy happened, because of a broken down car, and no phone.  Not everyone had a cell phone back then...As the membership outgrew the facility; the Southservice Rd, Port Credit location opened; a 26, 000 sq ft, 3 floor facility.  Andrew and Olga just newlyweds, ; Teresa and Jeremy in the midst of planning their wedding the four of them worked and ran the gym.


The main level housed two boxing rings, over 25 heavy bags, Nautilus and Med-X strength training equipment and lots of cardiovascular machines.  Zee Jungle (Aka The basement) had another two rings another 25+ heavy bags and all the technical bags needed to increase technique and work on mastering pugilism.  Not to forget the free weights, storage and laundry facilities.  The third level, the mezzanine went from, offices, to a staff lounge and even at one point a place to call home for the Heron's.  During the 15 years at the Port Credit location many champions were made, many champions came through the doors, and many Live Boxing shows were hosted.  The Rego's and the Heron's families grew, and it was during the pregnancy of their 5th child; Jeremy suddenly departed to be with the LORD.  Jonathan, Andrew's brother, who also goes by 'J' worked for the gym off and on during the 16years of operation but battled heavily with drug and alcohol addiction.  Andrew, God bless him, always ready to help, answered to the call of duty.  Receiving a phone call while on holidays in Florida; their Aunt said the court would grant 'J' bail if he has an address to reside at.  Although his wife was against allowing Jonathan back without being supervised; Andrew over ruled all talk and said yes.  It was during this time Jonathan cleaned up his life.  Working out regularly,  Teresa and him became training partners and began to develop a stronger relationship and married in Jamaica Sept. 2012.  Jonathan is also a national level Bodybuilder and OPA athlete.


In Dec. 2015 another move happened.  The South service Rd location was in process of being developed  into townhouse's.  HUF Gym  had been the only tenant in the plaza for a few years....Here we are now at 700 Dundas St E.  Just east of  Cawthra Rd.  Still with 4 Boxing Rings, over 30 heavy bags, 4 speed bags, double ended bags and a slipping ball; all the tools you need to begin or continue your journey in pugilism.  The workout floor has free weights, plate loaders, and a couple of prototypes Jonathan has designed.  The Med-X equipment is set up in a circuit of it's own.  Working through construction for the first year, the gym offers nice clean change rooms and a jacuzzi to relax in after your workout.


Whether you want to cross of a bucket list goal, begin a journey in Boxing or build your body.  HUF Gym's unique boxing programme has the allure and atmosphere of a traditional boxing gym.  It's backed up by state-of-the-art exercise equipment and a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere where everybody knows your name. Boxing is a rough business and there is a fear factor when you enter the ring. But everybody can be courageous when you surround yourself by the right people or other courageous people.



To spread love, health, happiness and well being is our motto here at HUF GYM!!