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HUF, (Heron Ultimate Fitness) was established in July 1996.  On the South East corner of Hurontario and Queensway in Mississauga Ontario Canada.   

Over 24 years of training, competing, coaching management, entrepreneurship and life experiences.  


Andrew Heron has trained boxers from grass roots to National level Championship, including Kane J Heron Current Canadian NABA-WBA Champion and Faith Rego, the current Amateur Canadian Junior 57kg Female Champion.  Coach Heron has helped many trouble youth find their way.  

HIs athlete roaster includes but is not limited to Former World welterweight undisputed welter weight KickBoxing champion, Paul Biafore,  attended 2 of Lennox Lewis training camps when he worked with Lennox's chief sparring partner, Egerton Marcus; a bronze medalist at the '88 Olympics.  He worked in Lockport NewYork where he trained,  Amer Abdallah another Kickboxer he coached to Championship status.   Andrew has worked countless amateur  and professional boxers corners and attended world class training camps.

Teresa Heron,  a mom of five (plus a bonus son) who was once widowed.  Teresa competed in over 20 figure and women's physique competitions on Provincial, National and International levels  including the Arnold Classic being under the tutelage of IFBB PRO Mindi O'Brien. I am also a level 1 boxing coach, I have experienced boxing training and sparring several times. I have been in this industry for over 24 years and business partners with Andrew since then.

Olga Heron is a former Professional Boxer ranked 12th in the world. She has competed on pay per view and was never been knocked down.  Olga is a level 4, Boxing Canada referee and judge.  She is also a woks as a cut woman in the professional boxing scene.

Jonathan Heron has competed in bodybuilding on the national and international stage. He has coached athletes to be competitive in the fitness industry and has also helped several clients transform their bodies and lose serious weight.

HUF is the home of both the Canadian WBA Welterweight champion, Kane Heron and the  Jr National Champion/Amateur WBC and IBF champion, Faith Rego. They are both trained by Andrew and were taught from ground up.


We have promoted and hosted Amateur Boxing Events for over 20 years and continue to do so.  Rogers television hosted our FIGHT SERIES on Rogers TV. We have been running FREE youth camps for the community for over 18 years.

We have had the pleasure of helping thousands of people's lives throughout the years. We have witnessed and guided transformations on many different levels; including body weight loss transformation, renewing the mind, body,  spirit and have been a catalyst to beautiful relationships.


We encourage our HUF family to treat others the way you like to be treated and spread love, health and happiness. That is our motto!


Connecting with people and building relationships is something we love to do!  Our passion is to help others, encourage great things,  good habits, motivate, inspire and lead people to live happier healthier lives while having fun!

Whether you want to cross off a bucket list goal, begin a journey in Boxing or build your body.   HUF Gym's unique boxing program has the allure and atmosphere of a traditional boxing gym.  It's backed up by state-of-the-art exercise equipment and a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere where everybody knows your name, or at least we try to.


Boxing is a rough business and there is a fear factor when you enter the ring.  But everybody can be courageous when you surround yourself by the right people and other courageous people.