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Proposed Standard Operating Procedures


• Hours of operation: 11am-2pm/5or6pm-8 or 9pm cleaning in between. Monday-Friday
• Pre-scheduled appointments via online bookings. 10min intervals. Membership must be valid and screening questions answered before appointments can be made.
• 2 circuits: 1 strength and 1-10round boxing with a round of bike and 1 round rower.
• Strength training circuit is run on 2minute rounds with 30 secound intervals. 1.30 of workout time and 30 seconds to clean and set up your next apparatus. Exit through the side east door in back of gym.
• We will educate you on seat adjustments and equipment settings. Please bring your phone to record your settings on your first visit.
• Boxing Circuit is run on 3 minute rounds with 30 second intervals and a 30 second rest to wipe the bag and move on. Exit through the back west door.
• Boxing rings (4of them) avail for 45min bookings (to competitve and advanced warfare members) allowing 15min cleaning between appointments.  
• 4 staff/trainers/cleaners: 1 in back 1 in front 1 administrator and 1 floater
• The front part of gym would potentially have up to 5 people (including staff); the back of gym would potentially have 8 people. (One in each of the four boxing rings), 3 on the heavy bag circuit and 1 staff. Plus one floater staff ensuring physical distancing, and cleaning procedures are being followed.
• Temperatures will be taken at the door prior to entry. If over: access will be denied.
• No changeroom access at this time.
• No smoothie bar operation at this time.
• No access to strength training or cardio vascular equipment in back area of club at this time.
• Long sleeves, long pants, masks and gloves required (boxing gloves are ok).
• No gym bags, or extra accessories.
• Wipe every surface you touch and every apparatus you use.
• Disinfectant wipes will be available throughout the gym.
• Respect each others distance plus more. 2meters plus!
• All walkways and thoroughfare are ONE person at a time.

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