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Return to Training Requirements Stage 2

Holiday Hours:
Wed. July 1st:  Closed
Thurs. July 2nd:  Closed
Fri July 3rd:  Closed
  • All appointments must be booked through our membership software. Be punctual, arrive 5mins early as your workout begins at you designated time slot.

  • Verbal screening must be completing before entering the facility.

  • The change rooms/showers are closed during this time, This does NOT mean you can change on the gym floor.

  • Bring to each training session: 1. Clean clothes 2. Clean hand wraps 3. Clean Towel.

  • Bring your own equipment, NO Sharing!

  • You can use a clean towel to wipe the sweat off your body often.

  • Use a Sanitizing bottle and Clean towel for the duration of your training session (pick up at front door)

  • Follow cleaning instructions (spray and wipe apparatus including the handles and pins) before you leave a station and recommended when you get to a new station.

  • Use hand sanitizer often, including but not limited to, every time you take off your gloves Before you enter and exit the facility.

  • Consider bringing your own sanitizer and cleaning wipes

  • The smoothie bar and water filling station is closed at this time bring your water with you.

  • At ALL times a distance of 2 meters (6.5feet) must be maintained at the minimum.  When this is not possible a face mask (face covering, which covers the mouth and nose) MUST be worn.

  • At NO time shall “Common” equipment be used (Unless it has been disinfected after and prior to the next use)

  • At no time shall gloves of any type (including hand pads) be shared:  you will notice this equipment has been removed from the gym floor.

  • Training shall not take place on any soft surface therefore the ‘blue’ ring will be closed during this time.

  • Training shall be individually based with NO physical contact; inclusive of any type of ‘hand pad’ or other similar work.

  • Clean attire and equipment should be used EVERY TIME you train.

  • You must spray and clean before you move on, even if you plan to return to an apparatus

  • Strength Circuits will accommodate 45 minute time slot, sessions must be booked online through our software

  • Boxing Circuits will accommodate 45 minute time slot, sessions must be booked online through our software.

  • No access to cardio vascular equipment in back area of club at this time.

  • 2020 Boxing Ontario membership must be valid.

  • Walkways and through fare are ONE person at a time.

  • Everyone enters through the front door, receives a spray bottle and clean towel for the duration of their session to spray and wipe ALL HIGH TOUCH SURFACES THEY TOUCH and return upon completion in bins provided

  • Failure to comply with cleaning habits will result in a ONE WEEK suspension.

  • Cancellation/NO Show Policy:  There is ZERO tolerance.  You will be charged $30 for missed appointments and failing to cancel within 24 hours.

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