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Team Training available for sports teams, & Corporate Training available for Team building


Are you interested in increasing your teams cohesiveness, agility, coordination, sportsmanship, strength and discipline?

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Commit to a minimum of 10 classes (packages can be shared between teams) and save.  (All prices plus applicable taxes).  Boxing Gloves are provided.

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Olga at 6477721213

 "The North Mississauga S.C U16 squad competes at the top competitive level in the Province.   We seek out physical conditioning that is both rigorous and focussed.   Fitness/boxing training with Olga at Huf in Mississauga is both a great experience for our female elite athletes, and delivers on that magic formula that leads to competitive excellence: skilled coaches with a positive attitude, mutual respect, a core understanding of what it means to take athletes to the next level, and last but not least an environment + coaching style that makes it both challenging and fun for our players to participate week after week. Thanks Olga and Huf Gym!"

 Michael E. LeBlanc
 Manager, North Mississauga Soccer Club U16 G2000A

Kayla: I am Deaf and have been involved in boxing for 2 years. I love boxing. It's good exercise!

Jamie: I am Deaf and have mild cerebral palsy. I love boxing and Jonathon is a good teacher. Boxing is good for my arms.

Caitlin: I am Deaf and Blind. I have Usher's Syndrome. I love boxing! Jonathon is a very good teacher. I want to show that anyone can be involved in boxing!

We would like to say a big thank you to the staff at Huf Gym and especially Jonathon. We have been coming for classes for 2 years and have had a great time!!
Thank you from,

The residential students at E.C. Drury School for the Deaf.

“I coach hockey at the competitive level in the Greater Toronto Hockey League. I have built highly competitive teams of different ages since 1981 in Mississauga, that have won numerous championships, including the Mississauga North Stars Ontario Provincial Gold Champions in 2003.
We build teams by selecting qualified hockey players ages 9-10 with strong athletic skills who understand the value in cross-training and preparing to compete in their chosen sport. Our program has always included training at HUF, all the way back to 1993.
The professional and respectful environment at HUF is ideal for young people as they develop their social skills. Young adults learn there are differences in people to appreciate in life and important values to live by. The character of the club and the dedication of the owners and their deputies promote a fun and respectful environment for young people to work out some of their own personality issues. This is the intrinsic value of the atmosphere at HUF.
It is also refreshing to note the Club’s efforts go beyond that of the usual business, as is evidenced by their enthusiasm to their free summer sports camp, promotional events and their recognition of the many different places that kids come from.
I think I can speak for the hundreds of kids that I have introduced to HUF, that it is a pleasure to be associated with great people and I sincerely appreciate their respect and support for all these years. Keep up the good work!” ~Mark Turkiewicz - Mississauga North Stars Coach/Manager


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We will also travel to your location for private team training and workshops inquire for rates