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Jonathan HERON

Jonathan Heron has competed in bodybuilding on the national and international stage. He has coached athletes to be competitive in the fitness industry and has also helped several clients transform their bodies and lose serious weight.

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Fight Record: 17 Wins - 0 Losses - 1 Draw [7 Knockouts]

Canadian North American Boxing Association (NABA)  and World Boxing Association (WBA) Welterweight Champion

2013 Provincial Boxing Champion

2010 National Boxing Champion

2009 National Boxing Champion

2008 Provincial Boxing Champion

2007 Golden Cloves Champion

The undefeated North American Boxing Association (NABA) and World Boxing Association (WBA) Canadian Welterweight Champion, Kane comes from a long line of fierce competitors, with boxing as the family sport. Practically raised in the gym, he began serious boxing training with his uncle (HUF Gym co-owner Andrew Heron) at age 11 and competed in his first amateur fight at 16 years old. Having gone pro in 2015, earning such titles as Provincial Boxing Champion and National Boxing Champion more than once during his career has bolstered his competitive resume. He has trained and fought in venues across the world, which has helped build and diversify his fighting technique. He has also trained multiple clients who have competed and won amateur boxing matches.


Between his intense training and competing schedule, Kane has worked as a personal trainer and boxing instructor at HUF Gym on and off since 2014. In addition to being a licensed professional boxer, he has studied anatomy and designed countless fitness training programs to help HUF Gym clients meet their weight loss and strength conditioning goals.


Kane is also committed to serving his community. In addition to volunteering as a counsellor at a non-profit kids summer sports camp for six years, he has had the rewarding experience of teaching boxing at a school for hearing-impaired children. Kane has also had the opportunity to train Special Olympics athletes.



2019 Annual Willie Pep Tournament Amateur International Boxing Federation (IBF) Champion

2019 Canadian Boxing Championships (Nationals) Junior 57kg Gold Medallist

2019 Brampton Cup Gold Medallist
2018 Golden Gloves Silver Medallist
2018 Silver Gloves Gold Medallist
2018 Ontario Winter Games Gold Medallist
​2018 Brampton Cup Silver Medallist

The first female fighter to be featured at the Annual Willie Pep Tournament (the only amateur competition supported by the World Boxing Council and the International Boxing Federation), Faith grew up among a family of male and female titleholders and fitness leaders but is a distinguished competitor in her own right. At just 13 years old, she began to take boxing seriously and trained vigorously with her uncle (HUF Gym co-owner Andrew Heron) to prepare for her first competition less than one year later.


Balancing remarkable dexterity with natural instinct, Faith has proven that champions are not limited by age. In fact, she achieved the above-listed accolades all before the age of 20 and victoriously fought her way through the novice and intermediate classes, upgrading to open class after just six fights.

Since 2017, Faith has coached and inspired a great number of children and adolescents to reach towards high goals and realize their potential. In addition to facilitating HUF Gym’s Young Heroes Program, she teaches co-ed boxing classes and provides personal training to women of all ages and children from ages four to 15.



2020 WBC Green Belt Champion

2019 Bronze Gloves Champion
2015 Silver Gloves Champion
2015 Brampton Cup Champion
2014 Bronze Gloves Champion
2014 Canadian Golden Gloves Champion
2013 Brampton Cup Champion


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Boxing Ontario Club Certified Coach

Certified in Advanced Training Systems (ATS)

Miguel was born with boxing in his blood – he started training with his father, an avid pugilist, as far back as he can remember and continued to sharpen his athletic skills into adulthood. He has gained invaluable competitive fighting experience sparring with countless undefeated professional boxers, including HUF Gym trainer Kane Heron (NABA, WBA Canadian Welterweight Champion), whose corner he has worked during matches.

During post-secondary school, Miguel had the opportunity to join the HUF team as a co-op student. After impressing the HUF leadership team with his in-depth knowledge of and passion for the sport of boxing, he achieved his College Diploma in Fitness Leadership and was hired to work at HUF as a trainer in 2018. Fluent in Spanish and English, Miguel is certified in Advanced Training Systems (ATS), a continuing education program for personal trainers, and teaches boxing classes to HUF members of all ages and skill levels.



2020 Sugarbert Mississipi Champion

2020 Brampton Cup Champion

2019 Brampton Cup Champion
2019 Adirondack Junior Olympic Qualifier Champion
2019 Silver Gloves Champion
2019 Bronze Gloves Silver Medalist

A champion fighter many times over, Curtis began his boxing training in 2017, and has since travelled the globe for intensive training and fighting competitions. An exceptionally skillful contender, he has honed his craft sparring countless rounds with fighters of all levels, from young champions to seasoned professionals.


Curtis joined the HUF family of fighters in 2019, teaching boxing to members of all ages and making nutritious smoothies for guests at the HUF juice bar.

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Boxing Ontario Club Certified Coach

Certified in Advanced Training Systems (ATS)

A multifaceted and agile physical competitor, Daniel has mastered the fundamentals of Tae Kwon Do and boxing and is passionate about using his knowledge and expertise to help develop and empower those with a desire for holistic self improvement.

Beginning his martial arts journey in 2006, he trained and competed in Tae Kwon Do for 10 years, while teaching classes to children and adults of all ages. After achieving his Tae Kwon Do Blackbelt, he evolved his fighting repertoire in 2018 to include the sport of boxing, which naturally complemented the footwork and movement he had honed throughout his martial arts practice.

A certified boxing coach, Daniel joined the HUF family in 2018, and emphasizes the importance of distance and positioning – in addition to striking – in his class training and one-on-one coaching. With an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and Political Science from the University of Toronto, he believes in the healing power of the art of fighting to help conquer mental and emotional trauma. Daniel is certified in Advanced Training Systems (ATS), a continuing education program for personal trainers, and a first responder certified in Level C First Aid Training. He is also a Mount Sinai Healthcare Systems volunteer.

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